Saturday, March 26, 2011

My novel and four more

After my 'forever' singing gig, I decided to devote my September hours to my teenage passion, writing.
So after publishing stories in local and national magazines and getting a scholarship to SF State in creative writing which landed me my teaching position, I purchased a split personality and went off and worked in radio as a jazz host, got a few doctorates, two Master's degrees, opened a private practice, metal detected beaches, sold metal detectors, began a literary agent and sold over forty five books to major publishers like Random House, and continued teaching, etc, I decided to go forward and commit to writing each day for the rest of my days. As a result, I have finished first drafts of three novels and have started a fourth. An earlier novel, ITCH, has been published and you can get it on I am pleased at the robust response but I am not where I want to be as a novelist. Oh, I forgot, while performing my split personality in day to day activities, I published two other books, one under the name of Sydney Harriet and the other under the name of Syd Harriet. Who am I? You tell me.
Anyway, I hope to share with you what I learned from this journey I have started and tell you all that I am learning about the paradigm shift in publishing. It ain't like it used to be. It's going digital. Filmmakers who had to depend on Hollywood to have a shot at getting their film distributed, no longer need do that, thanks to software and computers. So too with authors who can publish and compete with the big companies and not be shut out from getting published. It's exciting and it will allow so many unsung heroes to tell their stories like the one I told in ITCH. Lost love, lost friends, lost everything and yet the protagonist, Luck, can still see the joke of it all. Want to give it a shot? Here:
Let me know what you think and let me know if you have any questions. Ask me something and I'll answer with a question and then another. It's the 'oxymoron' in me. Soon more. Much more. All that you wanted to know about my core. When I find out, I shall reveal..........

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rule #1

Hello to all you unsung singers, authors, and people.
This blog ends today on the same day that it began. My oxymorons will drive what I have to say before I write them.
Seriously, I hope to cheer and embrace many singers, authors, and people who have made profound contributions to bring joy and reduce suffering in the world.
My novel ITCH that is now available at is about one of these unsung people. Although he is a serial killer he is trying to overcome his demons. He is an example of what I will be showcasing here.
Please, if you know someone that falls under this category, I'd love to hear from you.
I shall also offer my distorted perceptions of what reality means to me. A word of caution: I believe and always will that reality is the least interesting aspect of fantasy and that is how we survive to see the joke of life.
This entry will not exist once you finish reading. When you turn off your computer, this blog has the power to airbrush all that I have said.
Try it. And I bet you 10:1 odds you won't remember a thing. That is, my message.
Forget and you will find nirvana.